what is an escape room?

Escape Rooms are an adventurous, interactive game designed for small groups, friends, families, co-workers, or corporate functions. While in themed game rooms, you and your team will work to escape using clues, solving puzzles and searching for hidden messages. Your objective is to solve the riddles and escape the room in the allotted time.


How do i reserve a room?

You can book online or you can give us a call to reserve a room. Walk-ins are welcome, although we can not guarantee a room will be available if it hasn’t been reserved beforehand. Want a daytime booking during the week? No problem! Just give us a call and we can help you set up a custom time to play!


Can we bring alcohol?

No. We do not serve alcohol, nor do we allow it on the property.


Is this family friendly?

Yes! We welcome all ages! We only ask that a least one member of the group must 18 years or older.

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How many people can play at once?

Our rooms in Columbia max out at 8 people and our Jefferson City rooms can hold up to 6 people.