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Murder on the missouri express

$20 per person / 60 minutes / 2-6 players

There has been a murder! One of the passengers on the Missouri Express has been found dead in the dining car. Use your detective skills to solve this case before the train arrives in Jefferson City and the killer leaves


The Conari CAndy Factory

$20 per person / 60 minutes / 2-6 Players

"No one ever goes in, no one ever comes out!" 

The famed Conari Candy Factory is about to release a new product that will revolutionize the candy industry! This is exciting news to everyone, except you. You are the owner of a rival candy company who has been trying to get the recipe for this secret product for years! The final attempt at getting the recipe is underway. The eccentric owner of the Conari Candy Factory is giving an hour long tour to a group of kids. Use this time to sneak into his office and break into his vault to steal the recipe!



$20 per player / 60 minutes / 2-6 players

October 13, 1564. It has been 300 years since the great Van Helsing discovered the existence of the Antidote to the Vampiric Plague. Thought to be pure myth, the Antidote was said to be locked away in Vlad Dracula’s castle. Van Helsing came close to finding Vlad’s hidden lair inside the evil fortress, but was unsuccessful. Now it is up to you to pick up where Mr. Helsing left off and find the Antidote to destroy Vlad and stop the Vampiric Plague from spreading!




Book our Party Room for your next birthday or meeting! We can have it set up exactly how you want it! We also have a refrigerator so you can bring food and drinks for your guests!

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